What Our Customers Say

Dear John, Thanks for saving my son's dog, and giving me my kitchen back. I was ready to kick his dog to the curb or stop cooking dinner. Every time I was in the kitchen, he was jumping on my back or jumping up on the counters to try to get to the food. To our surprise, after one afternoon of you working with him, his behavior immediately improved. The next morning, instead of jumping all over me and the counters, he sat right outside the kitchen and watched me prepare a meal. Now, he does not even seem interested into the kitchen. Thanks for saving me and our dinners. You are the best and Michael is extremely grateful to you because he gets to keep his dog. Sincerely, Linda Mancini (and Luke!!)

Dear John, I just wanted to say Thank You for all your help during the 8 week Obedience Class that Riley and I attended. He has definitely made much improvement with socializing and listening to authority! Plus, I think he had a lot of fun making all kinds of new friends, as did I. You have a great program and I will definitely recommend your courses to those who express an interest in dog training. I hope you and your family has a great summer, take care and God Bless. Sincerely, Cortney & Riley Rawlins

Hi John, Ched and ChelseaTomorrow marks one year from the date little Cedar was attacked. I must say you were right! Chelsea and Cedar now run around the house and play and are the best of buds. I never would have predicted it. When you said maybe one day they will be friends and love each other I thought that would never be, but I am so happy to say that is now the case. We still separate them and watch them closely - even when they are playing because Chelsea still is a lot bigger than Cedar but we are MUCH more relaxed. Your training was so helpful and I thought you should know this. I was ready to give up Cedar - I know you remember. I know you remember how nervous both Tony & I were. I hope this makes your day. We love both of the dogs. Chelsea turns 7 tomorrow so she is getting up there in bulldog years. Yes her birthday was the day of the attack - that's how I can remember it so well. Hope all is well with you. Write back if you get a chance - I'd love to hear how your business is doing. Sincerly, Jill

Dear John, My wife brought home a wild, stray puppy that had the worst manners and a hideous barking screech...that she assaulted with constantly. I wanted her to get rid of the dog. When we sent the dog (along with our other two) to John for boarding and obedience training, she came back a totally different animal. Her manners were greatly improved, she sits on command, heels while walking and is working on lying down. Even the hideous howling is gone. But most importantly, she shuts up when we say NO. I would classify John McGrath as a "miracle worker" for turning this "little monster" into a pleasant member of the family. Charles H. O'Meara, Jr.

John, It is always a pleasure to work with you for my dogs. My latest dog, The Divine Miss Bella, a Boreboel, was quite a handful when I rescued her. She did not know what a leash was. We went through Obedience and then went on to our Canine Good Citizen, which I did not think she was ready for - but she did it. She is changed ever more. Her good manners continue to fine tune. I am much happier in our relationship now and she is too. It is so nice to walk out the door first, and my dog respectfully right behind, instead of jockeying for position. She now goes many places, and is on good behavior when out in public. We recently went into a random nursing home, where she did not know anyone, and accecpted many strange hands to pet her. Today we went to Department of Motor Vechicals and again she was perfect in a crowd. Thanks so much for helping to bring the best out in Bella. We love your classes and working single with you. After training with you- all my dogs shine. Sincerely, Susan Kairys-Courech B. A. L.M.T.