John McGrath

Owner, Certified Trainer

JM Canine Services has been owned and operated by John McGrath since 1994. He devotes his time to professional dog training, having trained thousands of dogs in the Central Florida area.  John received his training at the St. Augustine Canine Center, which provides a thorough program including pet psychology, personal protection, obedience, tracking and overall pet care. John  has a 19 year old daughter named Molly so he is very sensitive to ensuring training includes the entire family safely. Their menagerie includes a Golden Retriever named Liam and a Border Collie named Finn and  4 cats, a tabby named Woodrow, and blind black cat named Theo.  A long list of veterinarians and rescue groups count on his expertise and ability to communicate with dogs and their owners, referring their clients to him for training.  John joins the Seminole County Animal Shelter as well as the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando during their local fund-raising events and volunteers training classes as part of the Seminole County BFF program.  John is also a board member for Seminole County Animal Control. As a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, John teaches both  intermediate and advanced level training classes where graduates earn their certificates from The American Kennel Club as well as from JM Canine Services. John is available for lectures and demonstrations.