Custom Training

In-Home Training

$125-$175 for evaluation

First visit is an evaluation. John guides the owner and family members on a  weekly basis with basic obedience commands and solutions for common and severe behavioral problems (jumping up, running away, aggression problems with people or with other dogs, separation anxiety, etc.)


Advanced Obedience & AKC Community Canine  Certification

6 Weeks   $195

All dogs must have completed the AKC Canine Good Citizen program.

This course is designed to test your dog's skills in a natural setting. For example, rather than the dog  being tested in a ring, the "walks through a crowd" test will involve the dog walking through a real crowd at a local dog show, on a busy sidewalk, at a training club or in a local park.  

Next Class:

Saturday June 29th 10:15am

Dogtopia of Orlando-East

3016 N Alafaya Trail

Orlando, 32826


Basic Obedience  

6 Weeks   $195

This course is for dogs 4 months and older. It only requires 1 hour of your time each week and we encourage all family members to attend. Dogs will learn: Heel (to walk on a leash), Sit, Come, Sit-Stay, Down and Down-Stay, Minor behavior issues are also addressed during the first class such as jumping on people, chewing, obsessive barking, housebreaking, etc.

Next Class:

Saturday June 8th



Dogtopia of Orlando-East
3016 N Alafaya Trail 
Orlando 32826

Classes now being held indoors with air conditioning at Dogtopia of Orlando - East

Puppy Training / In Home Training


This package is for puppies under one year of age and includes an evaluation of your puppy, 5 private 1 hour in-home sessions (covering obedience training, problem solving, housebreaking, etc.) and the 6 week Basic Obedience class.


Intermediate Obedience & AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification

6 Weeks   $195

$75 non-refundable deposit required

This course is designed to teach your dog how to handle distractions (wheelchairs, strollers, other dogs and people) while out in public, to increase their attention span and to encourage better socialization skills.  Your dog should be able to pass each of the 10 requirements and earn his or her AKC Canine Good citizen Certificate. Passing this class makes your dog eligible to go with us on an outing to a nursing home.

Next Class:

Thursday June 13th 7pm

Dogtopia of Orlando-East

3016 N Alafaya Trail 

Orlando 32826

In-Kennel Training

10 days   

Your dog stays with us during which time he or she will be taught all of the basic obedience commands such as heel, sit, stay, sit/stay, down and come. We can address other problems such as housebreaking issues, jumping, barking, etc. On the 11th day you will be trained with your dog.  You and your family members are welcome to visit your pet during its stay with us.  You will also receive an in-home session from John about one week after your dog returns home so he can be sure you and your dog are working well together.

Trick Training

Fun Tricks Class

6 Weeks $195

This is a fun class for both you and your dog. Your dog should know its basic commands before this class. This class willl be based on a food reward and will teach several tricks--some a little easy and some technical. This is a 6 week class and will meet inside the store.

Next Class:

Wednesday June 19th 6:30pm

1080 Alafaya Trail
Oviedo, 32765
Located next to Tires Plus